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  • Garret Piland

Commercial Power Wash Sonoma County

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett. I'm the owner of PWSC. We're at a commercial job today day and we're going to show you the importance of having the proper equipment such as heated water, 10 gallon a minute pump and nozzles that can get to the top of commercial building such as this. This building currently has lines because not the proper equipment we've used the first time around.

So, we're going to show you today how to get rid of those and clean up your building.

So, as I mentioned here's the buildings and you can see the lines and what that is caused from is some, someone standing at the base of the building and just shooting up with improper nozzle and not cleaning it properly.

This building hasn't been cleaned in years. As you can see it just, it goes all the way down the building like that. So, we actually got a lift and got up there with our high-pressure nozzles and heated water. The dirt came right off. Like I said, this building does quarterly corporate inspections. And, one of the things that they have to do is clean the building. This north facing side building gets really dirty due to lack of sun. So, a lot of mold and stuff like that towards the top. So, we're able to get up there and get it all off. As you'll see here in the next clip we, actually you can just see the dirt come off.

So, there's ways that we can maintain this building once we do that deep clean like this from the ground with the proper nozzles. But, it would alleviate the lines and we would use the right chemical. So, as you see, the dirt just coming right off. You can just see that is caked on there and it needed just a heated good wash to get it off.

So, now that the building is restored, we'll maintain it for them on a quarterly basis and get it looking good. They were actually worried that they're going to have to get it painted before the inspection. But, I mentioned just let us do a deep clean on it and they were super happy with the results. And they're not going to paint it and their inspection actually went great so.

Hi everyone, Garrett again with PWSC. We just finished cleaning this building. As we, as we said we have the right equipment, the heat, GPM's, everything that you need to clean this building right. As you can see from the other clips, it's a lot cleaner. This particular building has a quarterly corporate inspection. So, they wanted to get it clean before then and it's a regular maintenance thing. They were almost worried they'd have to paint the building. However, after we clean it, it's good to go. They're not going to have to paint it, it looks like a brand-new paint job.