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  • Garret Piland

Commercial Pressure Wash - Shopping Carts

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett. I'm the owner of PWSC.

Today we're to show you a quick video on commercial pressure washing. As you can see we clean shopping carts. We use steam, high pressure and a good detergent to clean them up. We do them at all hours to not interfere with your business. These are actually done at 4:30 in the morning.

As you can see we do the handrails are all the germs and stuff are going to be where the child sits. We do the under carriage. This is just a weekly wash, we actually do a deep clean on cards for this client. We do it every quarter. We pull apart each car and clean one individually.

As you can see they do a weekly wash down just to keep the dirt off it and keep all the germs and stuff from entering their store.

So, here's some pictures of the shopping carts that we did you can see all the steam just to clean them off. And there's over about 800 carts on this job. So, if you have a store that you need shopping carts cleaned, please give us a call. Thanks.