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  • Garret Piland

Concrete Cleaning Santa Rosa, CA Residential Home


Hi everyone, my name is Garrett. I'm the owner of PWSC. We're showing your job right here today where we cleaned and sealed some concrete and some travertine. As you can see it's very dirty. It just got install, the landscapers came, got a light haze of dust on it and dirt.

So, we're in a come through and clean up and then seal it. And it's going to look night and day difference. You can see there's some spots. There's a couple of oil marks that looks like it's from lawnmowers or whatnot that the gardeners had out there. But, we're going to be able to get all of those up for them and get it looking good.

So, here's the concrete after it's been cleaned and sealed. And, you can still drying around that barbecue a little bit. But, just the overall look you can tell it's very, it's bright in the color, it's enhanced it. It's all clean of any dirt and stains that were on it.

We're going to walk around the edge of the pool here. You're going to see it just has a nice glimmer to it. It's non-slip, non-gloss. So really, if you're looking to seal your house or your patios around your house, be sure and do some research on the sealer. Because depending on the sealer if it's lacquer water base, it could really get you into trouble if you use the wrong type. So, you can just see that, like I said, it just really brings out the patio. It's very inviting, these people like to have people over. They have grandkids. And so they're actually on vacation and when they come back there and come back to a whole new backyard.

So, it looks great if you. Thanks for watching. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel