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  • Garret Piland

Concrete Stone Restoration

Updated: May 22, 2018

Residential concrete stone restoration project in Santa Rosa, CA

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC. Today we're going to show you a quick video and concrete stone restoration. This particular job, he didn't like the weeds and the oil on the pavers naturally. So, we came in, we actually used our turbo nozzle. Blew out all the joints, got all the weeds, dirt, the oil off of it. And then what we did is we re-sanded all the joints.

So, you're going to see here in a minute after we cleaned it. This is just a cleaning that we haven't seen yet. So, all the joints are open. We're going to refill it with polymeric sand. You can see it's starting to dry in some spots th

ere. You can see that all the grass and the weeds are gone. It almost looks like it's just got installed and you can see that all the oil stains are gone as well.

And then what we're going to do is we're going come back. Like I said, we're going to fill it with sand, wet it down one more time so that the sand hardens up and then we'll finish with the sealer.

So, you can see there's a before and after. Really. You can tell the difference with all the weeds and oil being gone. And like I said, that's just being clean. We haven't even sealed it yet. That's an image of it sealed so you can see that the joints are all filled with sand and it's got a nice enhanced look on it. Sorry for the shadowing.

And then here's some other jobs we did some before and after. You can see that the sealer really brings out the color and just really enhances the stone. And there's some flagstone that was just completely filthy that we cleaned up. Another driveway that we did that were just really cleaned up really nice.

These next photos before and after. You can see that, like I said it really brings out the color and for the best of your stone.

So, if you have any pavers that you need restored please give us a call and we'll happy to help you. Thanks. First Publish your site, then login directly to your live website on desktop or mobile.