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  • Garret Piland

Fleet Clean Service Sonoma County


Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC. We’re here to show you video of just a weekly wash for a client that we deal. As you can tell, being that we do it weekly, this truck isn't that dirty. It’s just got some road film on it, some dirt from working in the north bay fires here and doing the dump runs. But, nothing that we can't get off or take care of because we do, like I said, do it weekly so we maintain it.

He's Got mud up on the fender wheels which were able to get rid of for him. He had some spots on the engines that he wanted steam cleaned off. We were able to do that him as well. Around the brake pods is where he had his troubled areas.

Cleaned up his aluminum for him. Like I said, we don't use acid base or anything like that. Not to damage it. I'm going to show you up underneath the bed here, all the dirt and around the frame that we are able to get off for him. As you can see, the dirt just gets caked on up underneath there. And, if you don't clean it off, over time it will fall off on the road and you can actually get pulled over by CHP if you have dirt coming off your truck. So, it's good thing to get it washed.

As You can see here, this is the after. Everything is cleaned up, sparkling nice. I'm going to get up underneath the bed here again just to kind of show you guys that we are able to get all that dirt off. Which prevents dirt falling off or driving down the road.

So, as you can see all the dirt got off up underneath here on the bottom of the bed. Even on his third axle here, we were able to get around that brake pods, airbags, all that good stuff. So, it cleaned up really nice has a good customer appeal. This guy owns his own business, so he always likes to have his truck looking sharp for potential clients.

So, I appreciate you guys watch my YouTube video, please feel free to subscribe below. Thank you.