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  • Garret Piland

Fleet Pressure Wash | Free Demo Cleaning

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC. We had this client reach out to us and ask us about our services and if we could clean their trucks up for him. There's a lot of questions over the phone, so what we do is we do free demos.

So, we actually came out clean this truck for him at no cost to him. Just to show him what we can do. And, one of his main concerns was the road film that's going to show you right back here in the back of the cab. And the frame, he says the guys that wash up now, which are their employees, can't get around the frame very good just because they don't have the right equipment.

So, we came in and showed them what we could do. As you can see the mud flaps are dirty, the rims have road film on it. This truck hasn't been cleaned in about three or four weeks. So, on the same side as well, just, it's got that haze and the frames dirty, the tanks are dirty.

We cleaned up his aluminum before you, you've got to be careful what chemicals you use on aluminum. You can actually dull them, but we use all the right chemicals, so it wasn't an issue. On the back of the cab, like you saw on the other side, it's still just completely filthy.

You can see my little finger mark there on the truck just to show you what kind of differences on the road film the tires are completely dirty.

So, here's the finished product. As you can see, the cab which is completely clean. The rims and tires are clean, aluminum is brightened. I'm going to zoom in here on the frame. Just going to see that all the dirt, all the debris is gone which really helps with preventative maintenance. You're going to see that the back of that cab is completely clean of any road film, bugs, dirt. And, you're going to see that the mud flaps we were actually able to clean up as well. They almost look brand new. And, it just has a nice shine to it, you know, it's clean and well maintained which also is good for customer appeal, employee morale, things like that.

So, aluminum got cleaned up. Like I said, we use right chemicals to clean those up. All the road grime is gone, the dirt off the tires and rims. And the truck just overall looks really good.

So, I appreciate you guys watching and if you like my videos please feel free to subscribe down below and thanks again.