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  • Garret Piland

Heavy Equipment Cleaning Santa Rosa

Updated: May 24, 2018


Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC. We're at one of our accounts today where we're going to be cleaning one of these front loaders. We clean a lot of their heavy equipment.

And, as you can see it just gets very dirty from being out in the yard there. Their biggest concern is preventative maintenance, as they need to work on these things periodically. And, when they're in the shop they just they drop a lot of dirt. The mechanic can't get to the fittings or the fittings are stuck on there because of dirt and mud that's hardened.

So, we're going to come through with our... the right nozzles the right pressure. Sorry for the sun glare there. But, we even get up underneath the fenders even though that's not a preventative maintenance thing. We still like to give it a good look appeal. We'll clean inside of here where the tractor hinges back and forth and we'll clean the bucket.

The Biggest thing is up front. You'll see where the hoses and everything connects that really need to be cleaned. As you can see afterwards, it's all cleaned up. No more dirt, no more mud or anything like that. The mechanic can get in there, really clean it. And, change things on the tire and get out of here between there were all the fittings are. You'll notice that the tractor just has a clean look overall even though appearance isn't their main concern. We still like to clean the whole tractor so that, you know, the employees feel good when they get in it to that. It shows their employer take care of their equipment and it boosts good morale among employees.

So, as you can see that fender was completely dirty, we even got up underneath there and got most of it. Some of those pieces there are cement that stuck to it, which we can also come through and spray stuff on heavy equipment for concrete as well. As you can see it's all clean and there are no mud or anything that's going to damage it and just has an overall good appeals. So, I'll show you the front here one more time and just notice that it's all clean and no more mud.

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