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  • Garret Piland

Heavy Equipment Cleaning Sonoma County


Hi everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC.

We're here to show you a quick little video on our cleaning of heavy equipment. As you can see, this is Bobcat and it's just thrashed. One of our accounts that we do weekly asked us to clean this for preventative maintenance reasons.

As you can see, the lug nuts on the tires, the fittings, the air rams where the bucket connects is just completely thrashed.

As you can see now, the after, you can see the tires, it's actually has white lettering on it. You can see all the bolts, all the fittings. As we come around the other side, you're going to notice that where the bucket hooks up. It's actually all clean. The mechanic can get in there, repair things and doesn't make a complete mess in his shop.

So, if you have heavy equipment that you need cleaned, please give us a call or subscribe to our YouTube Channel, thank you.