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  • Garret Piland

Truck DOT Inspection Power Wash

Everyone my name is Garrett, I'm the owner of PWSC. We're here today to show you a truck that actually has a DOT inspection. We're out here early in the morning. It's about 6:00 a.m. and we're going to clean up before his inspection.

As you can see, the truck is just trashed. It's got dirt all over the brake pods, the aluminum, the frame. And even on his truck he's got heavy road film dirt that he just wants to get off. The last thing he wants is dirt falling on the inspector’s face as he's getting his inspection done. A couple of oil spots on the engine, in the frame that he wanted to clean up because as you know, DOT inspectors, they see oil and they just they start snooping.

So, sorry about the light here. Like I said it's kind of early in the morning so it's hard to see. But, we're going to get to the after here and you can tell, it's just, I didn't even know it was blue when I started. So, you can see all the things are clean. His trouble spots, his brake pods, airbags, all the wiring, driveline, all that's cleaned up. So, when that inspector gets under there. He's going to know that this truck driver takes good care of his truck, all the leaf springs, shackles all of that. All cleaned up for him.

And, just overall image of the trucks going to look good when he pulls in for that inspection and the inspectors to know that he takes good care of his truck. I'm going to zoom in here again, just show you that all the dirt's gone, cleaned up really nice. It just has a good good image as he pulls up.

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